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School Community Council
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École Elgin Market School Home and School Association

March 19th, 2018 7:00pm at Elgin Market

Marga Wilson            
Tiffany Rutledge        
Kim Lowry       
Sheona Simpson
Cathy Lunn              
Diane Trembley  
Laura Clark     
Kelly Broere
Jenny Sinclair  
Dipisha Hamann  
Joy Shields     
Melissa Perala

  • Welcome & Introductions – we all know each other
  • Adoption of Agenda – Agenda adopted
  • Approval of Minutes from February
Next meeting do both February and March

  • Correspondence – None today
  • Principal -- Report – Marga Wilson
  • see report at end of minutes

  • Reports:
  • Trustee’s – Jan not here tonight
  • Treasurers –. Balances Association Acct: $13,162.34, Food Acct: $18,140.81.
  • Playground – Jason not here today
  • CPF (Canadian Parents for French) – This Thursday having a PJ soiree, games and a snack and maybe a movie in the classrooms around school 6:30 - 7:45pm. Geared for the younger grades. AGM is April 5th 7-8pm in EM library, all are welcome.
  • SCC (School Council Committee) – Short meeting. Talked about PRO grant and the ministry’s focus for next year. Will be put in newsletter for input. Discussed dress code and a reminder of the dress code will be placed in the April newsletter.
  • Fun Food – Food forms just went out again due Friday. Had hand held tortiere and crepes this week on Thursday. On the fun food form April __ we cannot do pizza and then in May one week will be moved by one day due to the pizza place's schedule.
  • Fundraising- Boston Pizza have $260 in account. Paint party on May 3rd 6-9pm up to 100 and can bring someone with her if needed. Tickets are $50 with the school getting $25 per person. Will find out how many can fit on a table and see if we need to borrow any from somewhere else. Will also have some snacks and drinks available. Little Caesar’s order forms go out April 5 and due back April 19 with delivery May 8th 1-4:30pm. Bulbs went well looks like we are making about $2400. Delivery date is still to be determined.
  • Old Business
  • PRO Grant – Cheque has been acquired from the grant. Marga will pay for everything for that night and settle up after. Geared for the school community not a Kincardine wide event.
  • Turn off the screens week- Marga has all the dates and forms ready to go. Reached out to HH and KTTPS they will get back to us. April 30th to May 6th dates from public health. Swim, walk north vs south, paint party, lego, scavenger hunt, open gym at Davidson center, ball hockey/board games, maybe something with the library or any other ideas you may have.  
  • Cookbooks- have been getting some recipes…. But need more! Teachers will be doing the art work for the front cover and the sections. More to come.
  • Fundscript- started in 2012. Cathy looking into it, Kim and Jenny will help keep it organized. Ask Tia for the binder.
  • Staff appreciation – April 3rd-6th (week after Easter) lunch on the Friday instead of the Thursday this year. Lots of help this year! Thank you so much! Volunteer forms went out today.

  • New Business
  • Nominations for elections in May - start to think about what is going to happen next year.
  • PRO (Parents reaching out) grant ideas 2018-2019 – wait until April will put in the newsletter.
  • Two Attendance Awards
  • Teachers – Sara Lakavic, Sue Thompson
  • Attendance award – Joy, Kelly
  • Date, time and place of next meeting                                       
      April 16th, 2018 7:00pm

  • Adjournment & Social Time

Action Items:

  • Staff appreciation – Kim will take the lead with Ennisa helping
  • Turn off screens weeks – need leads, Cathy will put notice FB and Marga in the newsletter
  • Jenny will put a notice on facebook about the cookbook.

École Elgin Market School Principal’s Report
~March 19, 2018~
Staffing Changes
Angela Devitt has accepted Kaitlyn Makin-Peters position.  She will be working at Elgin Market on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the remainder of the year.

Concours Elgin Market
We had a wonderful competition at Elgin Market.  Our students rose to the challenge of speaking in French for two minutes without much time to prepare.  The four students who will be moving on to compete at the Bluewater Concours Oratoire are:  Julianna Rutledge and Morgan Talbot (Intermediate students) and Alyssa Bale and Avery Chilton (Junior students).  Our runners-up were Arielle Brouwer (Intermediate) and Brenna Hegmans (Junior).  

Chocolate Easter Eggs
We will be selling chocolate Easter eggs (small ones) during the week before Easter to raise money for various school activities.

Elgin Market Science Fair
Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, there will be a school science fair taking place in the gym from 11:45 am to 1 pm.  All parents are invited to attend.  Judges will be present to choose the projects which will move on to the District Science Fair competition.

Kendra Fischer
On Wednesday, March 28, we will have two presentations put on by Kendra Fischer.  She will come to speak to our Grades 4 to 8 students in the afternoon at 1:30 pm and to parents and community members in the evening at 7:30 pm.

Lots of Socks Day – March 21
To support World Down Syndrome Day, we are asking students to wear bright and colourful socks on Wednesday.  We are also asking students to bring one colourful sock which we will be putting on our Lots os Socks wall.  If your child can’t bring in a sock, they can colour one and have it put on the wall.

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