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School Community Council
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16JAN2017 Home and School

Welcome & Introductions 7:00 PM, Cathy Lunn - President chairing meeting

Marga Wilson
Cathy Lunn
Taher Fatima
Kim Lowry
Joy Shields
Christine Cooper
Sheona Simpson
Janet Adams
Jason Finner

Tia Trudeau
Laura Clark
Tiffany Rutledge
Melissa Perala

Adoption of Agenda
1st Sheona Simpson, 2nd Kim~

Approval of last minutes
1st - Sheona Simpson, 2nd - Joy

Correspondence - none

Principal’s report
PD day - 03FEB
Report cards - sent out 24FEB
Concours - speeches this year~
KDSS Open House for Grades 8 on 17JAN2017
Family Literacy Day (Ontario) on 27JAN2017
Rocks and rings - Curling on 16FEB2017 - all levels to participate approx. $3 each covered by H&S
Curtains to be removed - $5000 to update to code. Will look at getting new ones. Marga to get a quote.
Lyndsay Syrett to cover for Diane Tremblay while on sabbatical.

Trustee's report- Jan absent

Treasurer's report - Joy for Melissa

$14,596.83 H&S account
~$8,873.12 Food Services
Little Casars raised $927.00
Cheque for Nelly King has been returned to her
$3170.88 raised from Art Auction after expenses(3950 +230=6180.00 income, 846.20+22.54+140.38=868.74 expenses)~
- Cathy to provide info on tax receipts to Melissa~
- Kim to contact Melissa for detailed breakdown for Art Action

Playground - Jason to canvas suggestions
e-mail address for playground
Marga to send updated approved vendors list to Jason
also to put on school website
Cathy to post on EMPS FB page and Kincardine Buy and Sell -to meet Community outreach requirements
JK/SK level equipment

CPF - Janet
French Level 1 for Adults - offered later this year probably April~
-Slight change to programming to match CEFR (Common EuropeanFramework of Reference) suggest that H&S look into it since it will affect all second language as it is now a world standard
CPF sponsored swim will be 03FEB2017 on PD day- to be advertised in the newspaper
CPF trying to promote French in the community ~- ideas still in progress - maybe look at getting books in Finchers
Look at hosting a game night in spring

SCC - Marga
Letter for parents approval ~for Gr. 8 to leave school for break to be sent out~
- Requires a weekly note from parents, Grade 8 ~- face to face sign in and sign out
TD provides books (with TD promo on 1st page) for Grade 1- approved to send out~
Safe Schools team - looking for parent volunteers - hoping to move forward in Feb.

Food Services - Laura absent
Can incorporate “unhealthy” days into other food services days

Fund Raising - Tia absent
McMillan - Cookie dough fundraising idea in the spring
Jump Rope for Heart (April/May)

Misc. - Look at EMPS spirit wear using PRG Results Group (t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles)

Old Business
Art Auction - covered under Treasurer’s report
Suggestions - lower price average price was $100, stay away from Christmas season, other possible daters: January, look at Family Day, November, every 3 years,~
Art Gallery was cramped - may look at different space, maybe Beans Bistro in cooperation with Art Gallery

Library refurb. - Christine Cooper
Walls were painted beige
Inputting books taking longer than expected e.g. 13 books takes 1 hour to input
Reorganization is going well
Encyclopedias - old books needed for weights~
Volunteers needed to paint - colour code book shelf edges according to types
Chairs were donated recently,
Almost a full shelf of “mature” books for Gr. 7/8,
Christine had asked the kids in the classrooms what books they would like about 80% of requests have been met.
Board librarian to look at compiling a list of Junior novels.

Buddy Bench - Sheona to look after approx. $400 - in progress

New Business
Staff Appreciation Coordinator~
- Cathy to post on FB Feb 21-24 (23 fund food day) usually 4 days usually coincides with OHSA Teacher Appreciation week Feb 28-3 Mar

Swim to Survive - Marga to get new costs compare with last years costs

Dietician~Seminar on lunch ideas~
- Kim to look at parent seminar on packing healthy lunches, demo, would be in the evening - look at spring, open up to community tie it into another event (CPF, Kindergarten orientation)

Line items in budget
Blyth theatre, French theatre fr. BC multi-media “books brought to life” - Marga to look at more info - costs
$1000 in budget for books ~- Christine to look at getting books~
LGBT club run by Erica weekly - line item for a speaker re: mental health

Attendence awards
Mme. Everingham, Mme. Hart

Next meeting 27FEB2017 7:00 PM

Meeting adjourned 8:38 PM~

Last Modified: Feb 17, 2017
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